viernes, 30 de enero de 2009


There's a war going on at Disciples of Diotima! Join the carnage!

Men: Yeah!
Women: I knew liking warrior princesses would come in handy someday.

Esta un conflicto en Disciples of Diotima. Vengan! Hablan! Ganan por muerte!

Hombres: Mas Bueno Che!
Mujeres: Pensia que me gusta reinas con weapones vaya necessario.

3 comentarios:

don pedro dijo...

you know, generally people have wars of politics and economics, the subjects of this blog, not over aesthetics. Is it just me or are we not normal?

And what on earth did you do to your spanish???? (horrified look)

Old Fashioned Liberal dijo...

I think I took a stupid pill.

don pedro dijo...

or maybe some english hic had corrupted your mind...