martes, 27 de enero de 2009

Las Malvinas....

son argentinas! así ruge el cielo y ruge el mar

My friends on the Distributist Review whose way of thinking frequently escapes me, which is to be expected when you mix me with Latin teachers. I've never quite understood them. Anyways, they recently posted a passionate post about the need to return the land that is currently Isreal to the Palestinians. I will not pretend to be an expert on this conflict and I realidy admit I have utterly no idea what to do with the region or who is in the right, I would like to point out one point, which to me seems glaringly obvious.

When Britain invaded the Malvinas (referred to in the obscene tongue as the Falklands) and kicked the Argentineans out, Buenos Aires has but once attempted to use force to retrieve the islands in a misled move (te lo agradezco, señor Galtieri, pero no). Not a single British person died in the Argentinean invasion, and the Brits killed numerous Argentinean soldiers in rather shady ways. Regardless, Argentina has kept up a peaceful campaign for sovereignty for hundreds of years. What do we get from everyone? Nothing but apathy and support for the English. While I'm sure Isreal probably isn't exactly a defenseless lamb, the Palestineans wage guerilla warfare (the justice of this I will not dispute) for years and years. What do they get? Passionate cries for the return of Isreal to their hands. Why this inconsitency? Personally I blame it on partisan politics which pretty much consumes everyone is this country, including most "non-partisan" people. As a future member of the Partido Popular Democrático, I have absolutely no stake in the Democratic vs. Republican idiotic war. however, this still does not seem able to explain the entire situation. England and the U.S. have been committed to screwing Latin America since day one, and renewed their resolve in 1810. And no one cares. Surprisingly we Latinos still like the U.S. somewhat, and everyone is still to busy having cat-fights over Isreal vs. Palestine. But that's ok, because unlike everyone else, we always are just absolutely extatic, which is perhaps why everyone hates us so much. q la vida es un carnaval! y es más bello vivir cantando! =)

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Old Fashioned Liberal dijo...

I know something about the Israel-Palestine conflict. I did a fairly large research paper on it in 10th grade. I believe that the Moselms and Christians of the Palestinian race have a right to live in their own land. This does not mean that the Jews need to leave, it just means that the Jews need to open Israel up to people of other faiths. This probably wouldn't solve the problem because the Hezbollahites, Hamasites, Israelites, and Americans seem intent on mismanaging the whole affair by keeping the displaced Palestinians from assimilating into Lebanon, etc. Whatever happens, the US should stop defending anything in Israel besides the holy places.

Se cosas de el combato de Israel y Palestine. Escribe una grande documento en ese cosa en collegio.
Los Palestinianos necessitan vivir en Israel, pero los Judeos no necessitan llegar de Israel. Hacen Israel mas tolerante solamente. Pero las personas con potencia politica son muy mal jefes del situacion. Los problemas van a continuar. Los Estados Unidos no dan cosas a Israel, excepto en los paises sanctos.

Old Fashioned Liberal dijo...

Lo siento...Los Estados Unidos no NECESSITO DAR cosas A DEFENDIR a Israel, excepto en los paises sanctos.

Jan dijo...

Hola! Mire, tiene algo equivocado en su masthead. Blanaced instead of balanced. Me gusta su sitio pero no se bastante de este topico y no puedo decir nada.

Hay dos cosas en mi proprio blog que tal vez que va a gustarle. Uno, Check the Oil, Check the Tires, Dollar Gas que trata de hacer una broma de spanglish. El otro, Another Ordinary Day, un blog de Madrid transdijo a espanol. Another Ordinary Day usa mucho espanol. Mi espanol no sirve muy bien, pero uso casi diario para ayudar a la gente en mi pais que necesita un poco de apoyo.

Voy a poner a usted en mi lista. Adios!

don pedro dijo...

muchas gracias por el consejo, Señora Jan. Lo arreglaré en seguida!

Además, puede usted pasarme el enlace a su blog, que no puedo ver el perfil suyo. Mil gracias! =)

(Old Fashioned Liberal, sí! seguramente, no había pensado en eso! Pero también hay que darse cuenta de que Israel es bien tolerante de religiones un poco raras, por ejemplo los de Baha'i. Nació el movimiento en Irán pero allá se omprimaban tanto que se mudaron a Israel. =)