domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2008


As a random side note, I would like to thank the Distributist Review for introducing me to the wonderful song Dégénération by Mes Aïeux! It's amazing! Though I have to comment that the beat about half way through switches to the Dem Bow, which means that reggaeton is oficially penetrating the entire music industry. And speaking of the Dem Bow, that brings me to one of my favorite subjects, La isla del encanto!

Puerto Rico is a particular cause of mine, and bucking the great Yankee orthodoxy, I support complete independence from the U.S. So here is a summary list of my reasons for taking this position:

1. State boundries should roughly reflect national identity. Puerto Rico is of the Latin tradition; we are disctinctly Anglo.

2. As a distributist, I like little nations. And while Chesterton had his eye on France for the first distributist state, I personally believe that the West Indies and South Pacific Islands are the best place to start. They are not nearly as economically obsessed as many of the larger nations; and they're more comunal, less-competetive culture would adapt better to a lack of monopoly. While Caribbeans are laid back, that is not to say that they are not hard workers and tend to be very professional, something which foreigners are surprised by when they arrive believing shirts to optional all throughout the island.

3. Due to their rather unimportant world status and size, I believe that each locality tends to be more self-sufficient already, as the cost of importing things from the continents can be very expensive.

4. All of the Latin Islands and some of the Anglo ones are majorly Catholic, which Chesterton believed would be a crucial/extremely helpful asset to any potentially distributist country.

This list is awful and very short, but I just wanted to get the debate flowing! Please tell me what you think! =)

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Old Fashioned Liberal dijo...

Me encanta con tu (or should I say "vu"?) commentario que "State boundries [sic] should roughly reflect national identity."
Si decia que Puerto Rico necessite entrar los Estados Unidos, yo quieria decir exactamente sus verbos.

don pedro dijo...